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Our Businessbusiness of Iwaki Seiyaku

Pharmaceutical Formulation Technology and Synthesis Technology
We have built a network focusing on the two core technologies.

Focusing on two core technologies, pharmaceutical technology in the Pharmaceutical Division and synthesis technology in the Fine Chemical Division, we have established a network organically connecting research and development to production in both divisions.

IWAKI SEIYAKU CO., LTD. has developed a flexible system to produce various kinds of products. They include Japanese Pharmacopoeia drugs which we have produced since the foundation of the Company, ethical drugs for which we have abundant results with disinfectants and dermatology drugs, OTC drugs which meet the needs of the age of self-medication, and APIs for which we have the top market share in Japan, such as antipyretics, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory agents.

In addition, we are proactively expanding into the fine chemical field by making full use of precision synthesis technology, such as cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, materials for information recording, materials for electronics, and more.



Pharmaceutial Business

In the pharmaceutical business, we manufacture and sell mainly ethical and OTC drugs.

Our product lineup of ethical pharmaceuticals, centered around generics, includes a topical corticosteroid preparation that is our main product, topical antifungal preparations, and many kinds of antimicrobial agents.

Among our OTC drugs, our major product is Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder, with a product lineup of mainly powders and tablets. They respond to the needs of consumers and have earned a good reputation.

In addition, we provide custom manufacturing in response to any request, from pharmaceutical design to production.


Fine Chemical Business

In our fine chemical business, we manufacture and sell APIs and fine chemical products based on advanced synthesis technologies that we have gathered over many years.

In particular, our APIs, such as acetaminophen, salicylamide, and ethenzamide included in antipyretics, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory agents that are the base compounds of commercially available cold medicines, are positioned as products with a top market share in Japan. Other products, including vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, antitussive and expectorant agents, antiallergic agents, and antibacterials are widely sold to pharmaceutical companies. Above all, we are the only manufacturer of phenylephrine hydrochloride in Japan, and have considerable market share around the world.
We were also the first in the world to succeed in the industrial manufacturing of the plant-extracted natural drug pilocarpine hydrochloride ( drugs for glaucoma and xerostomia) by total synthesis. In addition, we are the only manufacturer of calcium glycerophosphate for calcium preparations, which is used in a wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to food additives.

Furthermore, we provide custom manufacturing services such as process development , GMP bulk production.

Fine Chemical Business