3. Our Businesses

Our Businesses

Our Businesses

Pharmaceutical business

In the pharmaceutical business, we mainly manufacture and market prescription drugs and OTC drugs.
We research and develop generic drugs and other prescription drugs, aiming to provide better and more convenient drugs to medical settings.
We contribute to the health of people through the development and manufacture of high-quality and inexpensive generic drugs.
Our portfolios of corticosteroid external skin preparations and of antifungal external skin preparations consist of five dosage forms (ointments, creams, lotions, solutions, and gels), thereby satisfying the needs for efficacy, safety, ease of use, etc., and have acquired high market shares with trust from dermatologists and other physicians.
We also offer a wide range of disinfectants. Since the launch of Neojodin Solution in 1973, we have released five types of povidone-iodine disinfectants and mouthwashes, acquiring a high market share among generic drugs.

Pharmaceutical business
Pharmaceutical business

In response to consumer needs, we offer a line of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) bulk powders and tablets that are well received as our main OTC drugs. Our povidone-iodine-based gargle, Neojodin Gargle, is also popular.
We will continue to stably supply high-quality drugs and correct information, with adequate recognition that the pharmaceutical business is closely related to life and health.

Main products (pharmaceutical products)

Prescription drugs

  • Topical steroid

    Salex Ointment 0.05% and Cream

    Dermosol-G Ointment and Cream and Lotion

  • Topical tacrolimus for atopic dermatitis

    Tacrolimus Ointment 0.1% “IWAKI“

  • Topical maxacalcitol for Keratosis such as psoriasis

    Maxacalcitol Ointment 25μg/g “IWAKI“

  • Oral 5α-Reductase inhibitor for aandrogenetic alopecia

    FINASTERIDE Tablets 0.2mg 「TCK」

OTC drugs

  • Vitamin C “IWAKI“

  • Vitamin C Tabets 500 “IWAKI“


  • Neojodin gargle

Contract services for prescription and OTC drugs

Iwaki Seiyaku confidently provides pharmaceuticals from their design to production, based on its research on external skin preparations and technologies regarding various dosage forms accumulated over many years.
In particular, emulsified creams and lotions require a variety of base formulations depending on the active ingredients.
Because base materials tend to easily separate, we have established stabilization technology through research on emulsified formulations over many years.

Contract services for prescription and OTC drugs
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Contract services for prescription and OTC drugs

Navision DR/Cosmetics for aesthetic medicine

Navision DR/Cosmetics for aesthetic medicine

In cosmetic treatment, we are operating business featuring Navision DR, a cosmetic product for beauty clinics that enhances the effect of beauty therapies and helps clients feel its clear effect, leveraging our connections with healthcare professionals in the dermatological field as our strength.